1: What kind of items can I put down my disposer?

2: How do I know if my disposer is jammed?

3: How do I un-jam my disposer?

4: Where is the reset button located on my disposer?

5: Do I need to register my disposer?

6: If I hardwire my disposer will it void the warranty?

7: What is the warranty on my disposer?

8: What is an In-Home Warranty?

9: Where do I Locate my model and/or serial number?

10: Where can I buy parts for my food waste disposer?

11: Do all Waste King Legend disposers come with a power cord?

12: What is the difference between an EZ-Mount and 3-Bolt Mount disposer?

13: What is the warranty on my Quick&Hot?

14: Can I use my existing ISE faucet with a Quick&Hot?

15: Can I use my existing RO system with a Quick&Hot?

16: Can I lengthen the center tube that goes from the faucet to the Quick&Hot?

17: What is the warranty on my Waste King Commercial unit?

18: Does Anaheim Manufacturing Company make dishwashers, cook tops or any other kitchen products?